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The iconic home of the some of the world’s most beloved beers.



Arguably the world capital of beer, so of course it’s on the bucket list for any drink connoisseur, ale enthusiast or simply serious beer lovers who want to celebrate the hops golden nectar… We’ll raise a pint to that!

Gastronomic Delights


Famed for its Stella Artois, Jupiler and Maes, we already know the world-class tastes this country has to offer, but how did it develop these refined tastes abd become the ancestral home of the world’s finest breweries? Well, between enjoying the other gastronomic delights the country has to other, the chocolate and waffles, let us take you back to the historical roots of Belgium beer.

Our Belgium Collection

The Story of Bruges Craft Beer Tour

Belgium Europe


5th - 8th Dec 2018


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