The frozen wonderland of exciting wine developments and discoveries.

A twist on tradition


A relatively new addition to the wine region world map, but by no means least, Canada is at the forefront of fresh wine developments. The nature of Canada’s up and coming wineries are no match for the world market leaders of wine, however instead, they are quickly becoming definitive for their distinct flavours and taste sensations waiting to be uncovered.

Too cold? Think again.


Snow-capped mountains, open lakes, remote forests; when we picture Canada rows of green vineyards aren’t the first things that come to mind, but lucky for us that the whole part of the surprise. ‘But it’s too cold you say’, well, Canada’s reply to you, is simply ‘when life gives you lemons, or in this case frozen grapes, make Icewine’. The diverse climate, not only produces this new hybrid, but also has vines to satisfy the most particular of palates. With bold reds and crisp whites, from Piot Noir to Chardonnay and fresh fruit flavours to the classic vinifera grape, there are many things to discover and fall in love with in a Canadian wine.

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