Celebrating Special Access

Celebrating Special Access

in Champagne

Fine wine and exclusivity go together like cheese and – well, fine wine. And when it comes to short breaks, few can be more exclusive than the Champagne Weekend.

Champagne is a region ripe with history and tradition, full of passionate families and effervescent characters: Coutier, Philipponnat, Marguet Pére et Fils. Some of these vineyards are almost 500 years old, and still hold prized secrets passed down from one generation to the next.

After working in the wine business for over thirty years, we’re proud to share a secret of our own: our big book of contacts is brimming.

As part of our decadent two-night breaks, you are not only welcome to tour this enchanting region in the esteemed company of a Master of Wine, but are also invited to partake in some privileged special access moments with the region’s most dynamic personalities – and the wines to which they dedicate their lives.

Beginning our trips with a private tasting on the evening of Day One, our exclusive trips lead from one legendary Champagne house to another, where we find personal welcomes, tours and tastings hosted away from the general public.

We can also guarantee cellar door prices for all our guests, allowing you to bring some of the region’s passion back home with you. Can exclusivity be bottled? Maybe not. But pop open up one of these special souvenirs after your trip, and a host of exclusive memories is sure to fizz gleefully through.

So why not put your feet up, pour a glass, and have a browse through our full range of Champagne breaks here. 

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