South America - Chile

A volcanic landscape and a meteoric rise

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Made for Success

What with chilly Pacific Ocean breezes and the Humboldt Current, Chile is one wine destination that really knows how to keep its cool. As a result, it has the perfect climate for wine, nurturing grapes which go on to form some of the most acclaimed high-value wines of recent years.


Go to Chile's inland valleys or Andean hills, and you'll find the reds for which the country is so famous — masterful Bordeaux blends, Cabernet, Carménère, and more, packed with red fruits and an acidic punch. But venture to the coast and you'll find white wines with refreshing citrus and salinity.

Slow 'Scapes

When exploring otherworldly Chile, it pays to keep in mind the Patagonian saying: "those who hurry waste their time". Chile's is a landscape millions of years in the making, and whether you're admiring volcanic slopes, translucent glaciers, or arid dunes, it makes sense to take a similarly slow approach.

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