Five Tips

for a Top Champagne Weekend

Are you planning to pop your cork on a champagne weekend? Follow our five top tips and make your first getaway fizz…

  1. Get lots of sleep – Our two-night stay is short but sweet, and we’ll be bedding down in some seriously luxurious accommodation. But don’t wait until the champagne weekend begins to enter a restful state of mind. An early night on the eve of the trip’s departure will put you into the right mood for the holiday, boosting your energy levels and helping you to concentrate on the many treats in store. If you can feel more awake without coffee, tea, or cigarettes so much the better, as these heavy flavours can impair your tongue’s ability to taste
  2. Keep away from strong perfume and deodorant – Much of the joy of champagne can be found “on the nose”. Some perfumes and deodorants will affect your sense of smell, disrupting the natural bouquet of the vintage. They can also be a distraction for others during tastings, so do bear this in mind when getting ready
  3. Don’t be afraid to spit – It may not seem like the most decorous thing to do in the cellar, but trust us: in order to pace yourself for a tasting you’ll probably want to spit. Don’t be shy. Once you’ve allowed the champagne’s flavours to suffuse your palate, just purse your lips and squirt the sample straight in to the spittoons provided
  4. Save some room in your bag – Found your favourite bottle? Want to take a case home, or buy a few as presents for friends and family? All of our champagne weekends include the opportunity to purchase what we’re tasting at cellar-door prices. If your suitcase fills up fast, there will also be chances to arrange overseas shipping home
  5. Relax! You don’t have to be an expert to enjoy an extraordinary weekend of champagne encounters. Our guides are there to ensure you have a fantastic time, and help you identify what you’re tasting – so leave the legwork to them. You’re on holiday, after all. So bottoms up!


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