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Abundant Appellations

Are you a French wine fan? With so many different grape varieties cultivated across its incredible expanse of appellations - we're almost certain there'll be a French wine or two on your favourites list. Where to begin with French wine? The largest producer of wine in the world - from sparkling Champagne houses, to Bordeaux's First Growth Châteaux, and Provençal Rose served on a sun-drenched terrace... there are so many ways to fall in love with French wine.

Joie de Vivre & Savoir Faire

France's lyrical landscape isn't easily defined. From the shining cliffs and glinting sand dunes of the North, to the French Riviera's piercing Mediterranean sea, and the Jura's dark-green hills. Of course, there is one thing each area has in common? Verdant vineyards ripe with an endless variety of grapes. Then there are the many monuments and landmarks that continue to capture the imagination – from La Mademoiselle Eiffel to the Louvre, the lily-clad gardens Monet painted and more.

So Much More Than Snails

Food is enormously important in France, where it is afforded almost religious devotion. From breakfasts of warm croissants bought from the local boulangerie, to escargot at Parisian bistros, and multi-course feasts at Michelin-starred eateries – it offers a culinary journey unlike any other. What more could your appetite demand? French gastronomy goes far deeper than just eating well. It is an experiential delight – so be sure to savour every delicious bite.

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