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Myth & Memory

With a history stretching back so many thousands of years, it's difficult to tell where Greece's history ends and its myths and legends begin. As you wander between the sun-bleached columns of ruined temples, step barefoot into crystalline shallows of the Aegean, or look out on the horizon from vertiginous hillside towns, you'll find that each and every place has its own tales attached. Whether of daring bravery, divine intervention rousing victory, or tragic defeat, it's all part of the magic of Greece.

A World of Wine

Despite not being able to lay claim to the world's oldest winery — that honour belongs, experts believe, to Armenia — Greece has still been home to wine-makers for a very impressive length of time: 6,500 years, to be precise. Today, following a long-standing reputation as purveyors of medicinal, pine-scented white wine retsina, Greece has more than proved itself as a wine-producing nation. A body of exports beloved the world over is made up of everything from soft, fruity reds to bone-dry, citrus-backed whites.

Communal Cuisine

Food and drink are firmly a family affair in Greece — coincidentally, it's also the case that everyone is a part of the family. Expect to be offered heaving plates of grilled souvlaki and cool tzatziki, with (if you're lucky) a glass of ouzo to wash it down. Then there's the olives, so beloved that — legend has it — goddess Athena won the favour of Athens after gifting the city with an olive tree. With millennia of experience cultivating them, it's unsurprising that there is excellent olive oil to be found everywhere.

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