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Tokay? Okay!

Golden Tokaj is undoubtedly the star of the Hungarian wine world — from the famous sweet Aszú style to delicious dry high-alcohol styles, but there are many pleasant surprises still to be discovered. Red wine drinkers don't despair, the intriguingly-named Egri Bikavér, or "Bull's Blood of Eger" is waiting for you to sample. And it certainly is worth the wait – be sure to indulge a glass or two of this beautiful jewel-toned dry red.

Go Beyond Goulash

If Hungary's prized white wines have one unifying theme, it's an underlying hint of spice. Luckily for us, it's this same distinctive Magyar fire that adds a moreish character to distinctive Hungarian fare. Goulash is naturally a must-try when visiting the Carpathian Basin, but there's also mixed grill Fatányéros, spiced winter salami, fish stew halászlé, and more cheeses than you can shake a stick at. Whatever you choose, season well with hot paprika.

Still Waters Run Deep

Taking a dip at one of the country's many geothermal hotspots has been a distinctly Hungarian way of relaxing since Roman times. Alternatively, those in search of something a bit more active are equally well catered for. Take to the streets and take in some of the myriad architectural styles the country has to offer, or go wild in one of ten national parks — expansive natural grasslands, mirror-like lakes, and rugged hills await.

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