New World

Lush valleys and spreading savanna...

Wine improves with age. Travel improves with wine.

After the Age of Exploration

New World wines are produced in countries and regions where winemaking (and Vitis vinifera grapes) were imported during and after the age of exploration. New World regions often enjoy hotter climates, which provide the perfect environment for fuller bodied and bolder fruit driven wines.

Wine for every palate

Red; white; sparkling; dessert... whatever your preference, the New World is sure to have the answer. From plummy, complex Cabernet to blueberry Pinotage and quintessential Malbec, there are reds for everyone. On warmer days, cool off with the world's best Sauvingon Blanc, zesty Colombard or rich Riesling.

Entrepreneurial Spirits

New World winemakers embody the entrepreneurial spirit you would expect from descendants of those who set out in search of a better life in another land. Less emphasis is applied to making wine the same way it has been made for centuries – which has led to incredible modern advances taking place.

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