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Cool Climes

This cool climate wine-growing nation is renowned for its Sauvignon Blanc, and rightly so. With bright tropical fruit flavours and pleasing tartness, wines from the South Island's Marlborough region are particularly prized. But the expertise by no means ends there — try a warming, cherry-noted Bordeaux blend, or a lemony Chardonnay.

Natural Majesty

When it comes to majestic landscapes, New Zealand is unparalleled. Glacial fjords, mountain ranges, active volcanoes and vast caverns are all out there, and all within arm's reach — the islands clock in at a comparatively compact 270,467 square kilometres — so you'll never have to go far to see some natural beauty.

Craft & Coffee

While New Zealand is (rightly) celebrated for its superb wines, there's much, much more to the drinks culture here. With excellent craft beers, and a nation-wide coffee obsession that gifted us with the now-legendary flat white — the Aussies also claim ownership, so choose your side — you'll find plenty to wet your whistle.

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