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Veni; vidi; Douro Valley

The Douro Wine Region is the oldest demarcated wine region in the world, receiving its charter in 1756, but wine has been made in this valley since the days of the Romans. Ancient rushing rivers carved the deep valleys out of the land, but it was the hands of humankind that developed the iconic terraces along the great green hills. Saúde!

Unique, unforgettable wines

The wines of the Iberian peninsula have distinctive, unmistakable personalities. Join us as we sample superb wines filled with great character, including some particularly robust reds from the Touriga Nacional grape, and prove once and for all that Portugal is perfectly on par with its sumptuous Spanish neighbours...

Britain's first port of call

In recent centuries, a special relationship between Britain and Portugal has helped the country's wine trade flourish - whenever the British government limited French wine imports for political reasons, the Iberian Peninsula became its first 'port' of call... so much so that even in peaceful years, it remained a firm favourite with many.

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