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Wine improves with age. Travel improves with wine.

Superlative Tours

Our small-group Reserve tours are for those with a passion for only the finest of wines. Travelling alongside some of the biggest names in the wine industry, we enjoy high calibre visits and tastings - many at estates usually closed to the general public. Every part of our tour is luxurious - from the elegant châteaux and hotels that we stay in; to the delicious dinners we enjoy at Michelin starred restaurants and authentic bistros.

The Finest Wines

If you have a passion for fine wine, these unique tours are for you. Visit ‘unvisitable domaines’ and join us to taste the finest wines from the finest vintages at properties that are normally absolutely closed to visitors. It’s not just the wines that are exclusive on these tour, the Wine Guides are too. Travel with some of the most respected names in the industry, with award-winning books and a variety of accolades to their names.

Perfectly Paired

The big name bottles you may have only read about are all on the menu across our tours. Sample Sauternes' finest Chateau d’Yquem, Grande Cuvées galore and more. But the exclusivity doesn’t end here… We stay at luxury châteaux and hotels, or as private guests of wine estates that are closed to the public. We also dine at Michelin-starred restaurants and authentic bistros, where local wine merchants and connoisseurs choose to dine.

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