South Africa

The oldest country in the New World

Then and Now

With a history dating back to the 17th century, South Africa is home to the oldest wine industry outside of Europe. Even as recently as ten years ago, most of the wine produced there was distilled into brandy, but the country has now emerged as one of the best value and highest quality regions for both red and white wine.

A Landscape of Variety

Red; white; sparkling; dessert... whatever your preference, Earth's second-biggest continent has the answer. From plummy, complex Cabernet to blueberry Pinotage and quintessential Malbec, Africa has a red for everyone. On warmer days, cool off with a peachy Chenin blanc, zesty Colombard or rich Riesling.

Wonderful Wild-life

Lions, springboks, leopard, buffalo; the mountains and savanna of the African continent are populated by some of the rarest and most unique wildlife in the world. Look out for colour-changing lily frogs in lakes, black eagles soaring above Table Mountain, and rhinos relaxing in the shade on our safari.

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