Writing the book on great wine...

Wine improves with age. Travel improves with wine.

Rich Introductions

The story of a great wine, is the story of the place in which it is made. On these tours, we cross continents, centuries and cultures – in cellars and vineyards, but also in museums, castles, restaurants and markets, as we go in search of each element that makes a wine unique. We go beyond terroir and technique, discovering the heart and soul of a wine. These are wine tours at heart, but they peek also into the history of the regions we visit.

The Whole Story

From tales of heretics and wine-making monks in the Languedoc; to the vines that have grown for millennia in the wild hills of Georgia. These tours are perfect introductions, with visits to the superlative wineries and vineyards, mixed with gourmet adventures, exciting excursions, historical visits, and city tours. Join us on this exciting new programme and fall in love with new wines and new regions, or discover the hidden depths behind old favourites.

Taste The Region

You can’t really know a region until you’ve tasted its food. We enjoy gourmet experiences on our ‘Story’ tours... but that doesn’t just mean stops at a series of Michelin-starred restaurants, or lavish meals in extravagant settings. To us, gourmet can also include top quality local ingredients perfectly cooked, no matter where they’re served — from typical café, cooked on a stove in a vineyard kitchen, or in a famous restaurant. Bon appétit!

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