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Savour the Sparkle

Most English and Welsh wines are typically light-bodied, low-alcohol whites with floral perfume and refreshing acidity. Most sparkling wines here are the definite style that holds most promise for quality wine production: British wines have something in common with one of the world's most famous wines – produced as they are in the traditional ‘mèthode champenoise’ using classic Champagne grapes. England’s chalky soil and cool climate producing superb sparkling wines.

Rolling Hills of Vineyards

We often ‘enjoy’ a – dare I say it – miserable climate here in the UK. Or at least we did until recently. A change in luck – or perhaps global warming – has shown encouraging signs that Britain might just find its way onto the world wine map. Of course, wine here is nothing new, … the Romans introduced the vine here centuries ago. Regardless of the weather, the UK has a beautiful landscape which has captivated poets and painters alike for centuries. Rolling hills, chalky cliffs, pastoral fields: perfection.

Growing Gastronomy

Where to begin with British food. Previously seen as something of a joke in the culinary world - it enjoyed quite a boost in popularity in 2005, when Gourmet Magazine singled out London as home to the world's best restaurants. The whole country has grown from there. Wherever you find yourself, you are sure to be just a short step away from something deliciously satisfying. The focus here is only the 'good stuff' - organic, locally farmed and naturally delicious. Don't forget we gave birth to Great British Bake Off too...

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